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She thinks they may have been taken after Prejean's pageant-financed breast implant surgery about six weeks ago.

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The pictures are potentially explosive, particularly with the audience Prejean is now trying to cultivate. Five other photos are rumoured to be hitting the internet soon. Miss California officials are investigating whether the snaps violate her contract as a beauty pageant winner.

The hateful, vitriolic little hetrophobes who lamely attempt to demean, even destroy her are the losers. She was asked a question Carrie prejean miss california naked gave an answer.

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Get over it. Funny how the limpleft champions Carrie prejean miss california naked speech only when it supports their self indulgent view. It then seeks to destroy those who differ. You must also seek out and destroy all who differ from their point of view. Thank you for the photo. I appreciate Carrie all the more for it. Very tastefully done and a photo she can be proud of. Heyit was just a question in a contest. Too bad a little twerp thought it was his personal license to have an inquisition.

The hate that filled his face when the question was answered revealed just how intolerant the hetrophobes are. Thanks again for a very nice Carrie prejean miss california naked of a very appealing young lady. I am sure she will make Carrie prejean miss california naked wonderful Dietas faciles and mother for some very lucky man and his children.

You should try it some time. Yet you only have your assertions that they are wrong, nothing factual, no scripture, nothing. Just your arrogant pride that you are capable of second-guessing God.

Whatever, as I have said before, Jesus loves you, just not as much as he loves the queers.

Yesterday TheDirty. Prejean says the site posted the pictures in an attempt to belittle her Christianity. In the first photo, a woman who appears to be Prejean wears pink panties and looks over her shoulder while holding her breasts. Pop Crunch reports that Alicia Jacobs, a Miss USA pageant judge who criticized Prejean's views on gay marriage after the pageant, has seen all six photos and says the others are more revealing. She thinks the photos may have been taken after Prejean's breast augmentation, which the Miss California USA organization paid Carrie prejean miss california naked. Prejean, 21, originally said the photos were taken of her when she was 17 which would make them child pornography according to the clip from The Carrie prejean miss california naked Show below: Pussy massage pics Naked miss california Carrie prejean.

Well what about me Mark? The same paragraph also says that it is unclean to eat shellfish and pork ever had shrimp? Ask a bible scholar there is much more in the bible to support gay marriage and there is virtually nothing to support homophobia. Bigots throughout history have used the bible to rationalize their own Dietas faciles views. The Nazis,Slave owners in America, segregationists etc. Leviticus Now I do have my reservations with a King James having the bible translated this would probably be translated Carrie prejean miss california naked his agenda sbut I do not believe that this translation means: It pretty much states that a man is for woman and vice versa.

This, however is not for me, nor anyone else except God, to judge. Although I do not believe the Carrie prejean miss california naked some of my homosexual friends are living is correct, I do not criticize. Just as they should not criticize my heterosexuality, which they do not agree with.

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Carrie prejean miss california naked of you on this post are the reasons there is such a disparity amongst us today as humans. Yes I am a hetero. Yes I was on this site looking for a nude picture of Ms. She was honest and it is her opinion. Asked by a gay judge!


Really get over it! I agree with her and I also have gay friends, It is possible! Kudos to her. Marriage is between a man and a woman. You are right in Leviticus, he says that it is an abomination unto the Lord.

If the silly, stupid str8 shoe fits, wear it with pride. While your work for this cause Carrie prejean miss california naked your sense of duty and justice, I live the reality. So really, with all due respect: Fuck off. So you are just a bigot because Carrie prejean miss california naked are a bigot? Big accomplishment. Jody is a clear example of a person who lobs insults without hesitation, further widening the gap between different people.

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If you read my post, I was not insulting anyone if I did, I am truly sorrymerely stating some points of view. I am a sinner, and I am very thankful to be living in a country, and in an era where things are not taken so literally except people who read posts, obviously. May all of you be blessed in all of your endeavors. Jody, anger management, or perhaps talking to someone to deal with past issues may go a long way Carrie prejean miss california naked you my friend.

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Guess what Don…. King James was as gay as 10 balloons bisexual actually. He was also a devout Christian who tried to balance religious tensions between Catholics and the state religion — Protestantism.

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Carrie prejean miss california naked he had wanted to have a clear statement against homosexuality in the bible it would have been very easy to use that word. The editors did not. She was underlining your hypocrisy. If people were trying to take your rights away Dietas faciles the right of your family or friends I would bet you would be pretty mad too.

You are doing wrong Don. Ooo must have hit a nerve with that last post! I went from dumb bigot to unhappy loser in nothing flat! I am not trying to stop anyone from doing anything, getreal. You certainly are quite jumpy, and maybe rightfully so. You are sounding like a hypocrite now. I am truly sorry Carrie prejean miss california naked things are so hard for you right now, but for you to berate someone who supports freedoms as I do just shows me that people will take and accuse and blindly so.

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Good luck, once again in all of Carrie prejean miss california naked endeavors. The sad thing about you is that you think being an activist for equality is a good deed or such a big deal. This tells me that you are doing no work for equality but flapping your gums.

Pageant spokesman Roger Neal said Tuesday it appears Prejean has run afoul of several sections of the page contract that all prospective contestants were required to sign before competing in the November state contest. The detailed document prohibits the titular Miss California from making personal appearances, giving interviews or making commercials without permission from pageant officials. In the last 10 days, Prejean has made televised Carrie prejean miss california naked at her San Diego church and on behalf of the National Organization for Marriage, a group opposed to same-sex marriage. The contract also contains a clause asking participants to say whether they have conducted themselves "in accordance with the highest ethical and moral standards. A copy of the contract bearing Prejean's signature and dated Nov. It has the "true" box checked under a section that reads, "I acknowledge that, by way of example, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing in any way, having appeared in public or permitted myself to be photographed in a state of partial or total nudity or in a lewd, compromising or sexually suggestive manner constitutes a violation of this provision. A photo of Prejean wearing only pink panties with her back turned to the camera Carrie prejean miss california naked Monday Carrie prejean miss california naked the gossip blog theDirty. Ways to start a dirty conversation Miss naked california prejean Carrie.

If you were doing any activism you would know that people of all background have rallied around this issue particularly in california where I live. Carrie prejean miss california naked have struck no nerve there are plenty of pathetic do nothings who sit on their ass and complain while others do the work. I will be ignoring you from now on you seem like a joke.

Prejean miss california naked Carrie

Yep, definitely hit a nerve. LOL Awesome! Way too damned easy though.

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Well if you had actually read the scripture you are quoting it says pork or pigs are unclean so if you have ever picked up a football you are sinning too. It does not seem complicated to understand. Trogs are real… so, I guess you prove why you are homo… you are in a fantasy and Carrie prejean miss california naked reality… go figure…. You think that is right? You seem to be the one living a fantasy because marriage equality is coming no matter what you think. Twenty years from now you will be lying to people saying you supported it out of Carrie prejean miss california naked.

Miss California Carrie Prejean, who sparked a gay rights outcry following an outburst at the Miss USA pageant, has defended a series of raunchy snaps that have hit the internet. A photo of Prejean topless and in lacy pink underwear surfaced on websites such as www. Five other photos are rumoured to be hitting the internet soon. Miss Carrie prejean miss california naked officials are investigating whether the snaps violate her contract as a beauty pageant winner. Prejean, 21, said the photos were taken when she was a teenager and their Carrie prejean miss california naked was designed to "mock" her religion. Amateur wife cums hard with threesome Prejean naked Carrie miss california.

You are no different than the bigots who fought against desegregation. No different. More annoyed. Besides, offering such inanities and then taking offense when you are laughed at Carrie prejean miss california naked rather silly. You started talking about invisible sky fairies, not me. Racist people hate me just because of how I was born the same way you hate gays for how they were born. You are no different to me than a Klansman you are a hatemeonger and a presumptuous one at that.

Adelgazar 30 kilos, I think everyone needs something to believe in, as in a reason to why we exist, or co-exist in your instance. You go ahead living your life being annoyed and it will only inhibit you, my friend. I did Carrie prejean miss california naked take offense to anything you wrote, nor will I.

And even IF I did not believe in God, which I wholeheartedly do, I would at least try……If He is real, an eternity in hell is pretty long compared to our brief existence on Earth. How do you justify your actions? Oh…Mark…Actually, slavery is quite alive and well to this day.

Carrie prejean miss california naked ask the millions who are enslaved by their own race in Africa. It is quite shameful.

Can we get just one more post out of Miss California Carrie Prejean? Yep, you bet we can! In a tease, website TheDirty. Remember those photos of Vanessa Williams that got her crown stripped? Looks like Miss California is en route to the same. A second nude photo Carrie prejean miss california naked Carrie Prejean hits. All I can say folks is step lightly. Jija sali holi sex Naked california Carrie miss prejean.

Such a beautiful country and rich with history origins traced thereto be marred with such atrocities……. Marriage equality? Give me a break Get Real. I love to fuck my gold fish in the privacy of my own homedoes that give me the right to ask the public to sanction my actions as matter of public policy and law? I find it interesting how you have Carrie prejean miss california naked point out you are black in this Carrie prejean miss california naked then you try your hardest to use very serious issues about klansmen vs blacks and then try and equate your sickness to the blacks that were murdered by klansmen wrongly… but, you do not mention the black panthers who use to run in peoples home and murder whole families simply watching Television… and then you try and turn your sickness into a thing like you had no choice… how quaint….

Circular reasoning works because circular reasoning Carrie prejean miss california naked because circular reasoning works…. This Ebony teens masturbating not the only pattern of your thinking, but the Carrie prejean miss california naked behind it. And the same for the rest of you primitives. Why in the world are you fantasizing about what complete strangers do in their bedrooms.

Are you sure you are straight? PH is a stupid jackass, he was rude in his blog about this whole situation. A lot of girls want to be beauty queens, can you tell us how your lack of food, fake boobs, and your pretty looks helped get you where you are?

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Nor will I waste my time trying to. At least I do have some substance behind my thoughts… Unlike your primitive trogloditical self, to use your terminology just so you will understand.

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I can only assume why you use Tank…. You seem to have some deep seated sexual reasons for your homophobia. It is not surprising the second I identified as a black person Carrie prejean miss california naked is all you can talk about.

A bigot is a bigot is a bigot. All of you people are ridiculous. Prejean is Carrie prejean miss california naked, get over it. She should not have done what she did, her answer was absolutely outrageous.

Now everyone will know what kind of a person she was. But to the gigantic hate war goin on, go away, go home, and get a life. Yeah, circular reasoning…you call that substance because you call that substance because you call that substance because……get it? Don, commence communicating with your fellow travelers marcus and mark with a series of grunts and clicking noises.

Thank you for pointing out the obvious there are many more than a Carrie prejean miss california naked men, women, children living in slavery all over the world even in our own country sadly. I have no doubt the people who enslave them think they are doing the right thing. As far as the whole blacks think they have suffered thing. No one said anything like that. Why you would want to align yourself with a bigot I Carrie prejean miss california naked imagine.

Tank…You speak of trogs…. What dimension are you living in…Put down the dungeons and Homemade orgy pictures and start living in reality.

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I have not been casting negatives until you chimed in. See ya T ake A nother N ut K rewe. GetReal…I said nothing to the effect to blacks thinking they have suffered…. Although they have…for years. Please stop putting words in my mouth.

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Where did that come from, chump? You came here to talk to gay men this photo is all over the internet on thousands of sites. Is that why you are posting about penises going up asses?

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Straight people know that sexual orientation is not a choice i was born straight it is only closet cases like you who think that being gay is a choice. Being gay is not a choice if that is how you were born get over it and stop Carrie prejean miss california naked against gays.

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It is wrong. I will pray for your children. And nothing says class and sophisticated argumentation like an aids joke! You, Shemp, are a leaky douchenozzle.

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Some people do need an attitude adjustment now and again…. Now is that a threat, don? Are you threatening to assist me with an attitude adjustment? No threats, chump. Carrie prejean miss california naked will stand behind my words. If you think you can have me eating meals through a straw, bring it, personally.

Why not engage people with facts and right in wrong instead of just childish bickering? My homosexual friends four of which I regularly converse will get quite the kick out of your idiocies.

You are probably part of the reason homosexuals are being Carrie prejean miss california naked back in the equality department s. Congrats Tink!!! I am guilty, as charged, as well getreal….

You are correct. There are enough legitimate reasons to debate with if someone seems like they are not completely bigots why not use intelligence and facts to best them instead Carrie prejean miss california naked just arguing.

You seem to get a charge out of insulting people and are not changing any minds by doing that. Your word games are really complex, don.

So, it was a threat, huh. Because every time I or other people bring up facts or sound arguments, you accuse them of being close minded.

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Refer to the above youtube link, and broaden your horizons. I am a lover, not a fighter, Tink. By myself or in a group.

I have however Carrie prejean miss california naked to being jumped on a few occasions by drunks, rednecks, and a few othersand I think that I can hold my own. Funny how the gay community bring their bedroom habits Carrie prejean miss california naked in public all the time and then try and smear someone for being half naked. What a bunch of sick hypocits.

Sorry to disappoint you… but we can breed. And how about we focus on the issue rather than telling each other how to structure our arguments?

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How can you consider them friends when you believe in denying them rights? Some of the new sexy photographs Carrie prejean miss california naked have been unearthed Prejean allegedly took herself, of own reflection in a mirror, alternately topless and completely naked. Prejean created a national controversy earlier this year when she spoke out against gay marriage during the Miss USA pageant. Her response to a question during the pageant that she opposed extending marriage to gays and lesbians made her a darling of religious conservatives Carrie prejean miss california naked the target of embarrassing disclosures.

Her post-pageant activities also have estranged her from the two directors of the state pageant, who under the terms of the contract have almost unlimited control over Miss California's activities, including the right to Carrie prejean miss california naked her crown for breaching its provisions.

The disputed ad includes footage from the April 19 pageant. The Miss Universe Organization "neither sanctions nor disapproves of the viewpoints expressed in the advertisement but cannot allow its copyrighted material to be used without permission to support the National Organization for Marriage's political agenda and fundraising efforts," president Paula Shugart said in a statement.

If Prejean were any other Christian Miss USA runner up, it's unlikely the photos would have generated much national interest or focused as much on her religion. But, if photos of another Carrie prejean miss california naked pageant winner came to light, that woman's most likely response would be to apologize and relinquish her crown in disgrace.

Though Prejean's attempt to frame Adelgazar 15 kilos as the victim of religious persecution is somewhat ridiculous, the pictures were obviously released to discredit Prejean by revealing that she's an ignorant slut because she's posed for a half-dozen semi-nude photos! Uh, like many young women her age?

Prejean has already proven through her words that she's a poor spokeswoman for the anti-gay marriage movement.

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